GoNoogie has partnered with the most reliable, licensed moving companies in New York and negotiated the best rates to enable us to offer you our industry leading transparent pricing. We simply charge you for time spent + distance traveled, not per item like the other guys. When preparing to move, we ask that you please check with your building to see if they need us to provide a Certificate of Insurance, schedule the elevator, or use floor covering.

What our customer say
“GoNoogie rocks! The movers were super friendly, clean and fast. I love that tip is included so we didn’t have to worry about that. I highly recommend.”
– Jean S. UES

“GoNoogie saved me. I purchased my dream 80″ flat screen TV on Saturday for the big game on Sunday, but the store couldn’t deliver it until Monday! I pulled up GoNoogie on my phone and had a Noogie at the store in 20 minutes. They delivered it and set it up for me that day. All for just a few bucks! Thanks!”
– Scott D. Brooklyn

“GoNoogie was able to be at my apartment in 30 minutes to move a bedroom set and dining room table to storage. The movers were very friendly. Thank you.”
– Renee M.

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The average crosstown 1 bedroom apartment takes 150 minutes and 10 miles to complete. So the total cost including a van, an extra Noogie, time spent + distance traveled, taxes AND tip is: $219.90. Compare that to over $400 with the other guys!

GoNoogie is serious about your peace of mind. Therefore included in every move at no cost to you is basic liability coverage that covers $0.60 (sixty cents) per pound per article valuation (Released Valuation).

This does not provide full coverage for belongings which is why we provide third party insurance if you choose, that will cover full replacement value. However, very often, your homeowner’s or renters insurance will cover moving from one residence to another, so please check with your broker.

Otherwise, we recommend MovingInsurance.com. This coverage needs to be obtained 2 days prior to the actual move day.

Our movers also maintain a Certificate Of Insurance. Some apartment buildings require that movers supply them with a Certificate of Insurance (COI). This insurance protects the owner of the building and is unrelated to any insurance related to your belongings.

Exclusions For Basic Liability (Insurance) Coverage
GoNoogie Movers are not responsible for the following:

  • Items of extraordinary value
  • Any items NOT packed by GoNoogie Movers
  • Mechanical condition of audio/visual or electronic equipment
  • Computers or battery operated items in transit or storage
  • Pressboard or particle board furniture (includes many furniture items purchased from Ikea or Staples)
  • Previously damaged or repaired items
  • Previously damaged or loose veneer
  • Plants (live, dried or artificial)

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