• GoNoogie dispatches a driver (Noogie) and a van based on your location, to pick-up and deliver anything you need in minutes.
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    Moving? GoNoogie will send an on-demand licensed moving specialist at the best rate with our transparent pricing.

I love GoNoogie – before I found you, I always hired this flaky service with a van to deliver everything. You guys are professional, reliable, and cheap!”
– Mark C – UES
“GoNoogie rocks! The movers were super friendly, clean and fast. I love that tip is included so we didn’t have to worry about that. I highly recommend.”
– Jean S. UES

Moving? Click here to get a licensed moving specialist on-demand.

Flat Rate Transparent Pricing

GoNoogie uses a single transparent price point to get you the best rate. We charge you for the time spent + distance traveled.

Time Spent
Time begins when your Noogie meets you and ends when all unloading is finished.
Base rate: $25 covers first 30 minutes. Then $0.75 per minute after the first 30 minutes.

Distance Traveled
0 – 5 Miles: $5
6 – 10 miles: $10
11 – 20 miles: $17
21 – 30 miles: $25
31 – 40 miles: $35
41- 50 miles: $45

Click here to get your price.

The following chart shows you what we charge for time spent, down to the penny, for moving, delivery, pick-up or set-up. One price fits all.

Prices include a van, a Noogie, taxes AND tip!

Slide1 Slide2

Click here to get your price.

Tipping is built in:
GoNoogie is a cashless company – we simply charge your card when the job is completed, and send you the receipt. Automatically calculated into your receipt is the tip so you don’t have to fumble around while your Noogie looks on. The included tip is as follows:

$25: $4
$26 – $50: 20%
$50 – $100: 15%
$100 – $200: 10%
$200 and up: 5%

Each additional Noogie requested is $0.50/minute. Tolls are additional.

Tap or Text For Delivery

Need a reliable, friendly driver and van on the fly? Simply Tap or Text and GoNoogie is on it. Get your cost with our flat rate pricing and book a Noogie, all in under 60 seconds! We’ll have a driver and a van at your doorstep within minutes, or on your schedule.

Tap: GoNoogie.com/price
Text: 646.580.7643


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